24 people who shared their unlucky moment

Everything's going just fine when oops, 'disaster' strikes! Well, maybe nothing so catastrophic, but certainly enough to irritate us for the rest of the day... We all know the feeling!

Here are 24 people who immortalized and shared their unlucky moment. Thankfully they all looked on the bright side, proving that we shouldn't let life's little glitches bring us down!

1. When an umbrella rebels

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2. The perils of DIY

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3. Much worse than dropping a spoon in soup!

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4. Somewhere there's a shoe-less person!

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5. The day you're late for work!

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6. A room with a view!

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7. They won't be reading their mail today!

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8. A failed promise

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9. Cleaning out attics can be dangerous!

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10. Never put a kettle on a hot oven surface!

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11. Always get feather pillows dry cleaned!

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12. When there's a lot less onion than you expected

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13. When you rush out to buy a '2' candle for your kid's birthday cake and find they're all sold out

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14. When the birthday balloons break free

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15. A sign that you should give up drinking wine

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16. When a dog finds a cable

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17. Close call!

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18. This cheese just doesn't want to be eaten!

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19. When you open a tub of Pringles and find this!

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20. Luckily this happened before they hit the road!

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21. Spooky burst pipe!

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22. Next time use a knife! 

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23. Some winters are worse than others

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24. When your cat gets too fat...

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