24 people who had a really close call

We often moan about having bad days, but what about those lucky times when we've avoided disaster and lived to tell the tale?

Here are 24 relieved people who had a really close call, but fortunately came out smiling!

1. These two car owners should buy a lottery ticket!

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2. This lady almost lost her diamond ring in a drain

3. This driver left their Nikon camera on the bumper and drove for 20 minutes without it falling off!

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4. Saved by a desk!

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5. Imagine the chance of this happening!

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6. This person bought a $10 scratch-off lottery ticket and all 20 numbers won!

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7. Keyboard disaster avoided!

8. One very lucky driver!

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9. Bet this hockey player's glad she wore her mask!

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10. This guy accidentally washed his ear phones and they still work!

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11. When instinct tells you to look down...

12. When two nails pass between your kneecap and your femur

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13. When you open a cupboard...

14. The morning when being a couple of minutes late for work saved your life!

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15. An armature broke through this windscreen, but luckily just pierced driver’s seat.

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16. When you get home just in time to prevent a flood!

17. A very close call

18. Thankfully they read the label!

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19. When the fridge saves your drink!

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20. Time to breathe a huge sigh of relief!

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21. Imagine if they were too sleepy to check their toothbrush

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22. When you're expecting a cramped flight, but get allocated this seat!

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23. When 3 dolphins suddenly photobomb a simple snap!

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24. A cat knocked this goldfish bowl off the counter!

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