24 people who didn't have luck on their side

We all have terrible days, from Monday morning blues to spilt drinks, car breakdowns and mishaps that may be no fault of our own. Some people even seem to attract bad luck! Sound familiar?

If you think you're someone who has more than their fair share of bad luck, then rest assured that you're not alone!  Here are 24 people who not only probably wished they'd stayed in bed, but also had their bad luck immortalized and shared across the internet! What about you?  Have you any similar stories to share or do you know someone who could relate to these situations?  Leave your comments below and feel free to share this with any unlucky folk who could do with a bit of reassurance!

1. A split second before tons of cargo toppled into the sea

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2. You're late for work, but managed to whizz up a smoothie to drink en route... Big mistake!

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3. We wonder how long he was stuck there...

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4. Another smoothie disaster... Next time use a lid!

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5. When your kid's taking their first flight and was promised a window seat...

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6. It's a scorching hot day and all you want is an ice-cold drink...

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7. It's just not their day...

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8. When you ruined your vacation by getting sunburnt on the first day

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9. When you're out with your kid and look away for a few seconds...

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10. When your spoon doesn't want you to enjoy some ice cream

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11. Or a knife that refuses to cut your pie!

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12. When you didn't have time to go grocery shopping and a pizza is the only thing left in the fridge

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13. A bottomless container...

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14. The day you decided to machine wash your pillow

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15. You're dying to go to the toilet, so you rush into the nearest cubicle, do the deed and then see this!

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16. What would you do?  Dig out your car or call in sick?

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17. The day you accidentally left your phone on your car roof

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18. Fancy a bit of pizza with your seasoning?

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19. The day your parents finally let you borrow their car and then this happens...

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20. This is soooo frustrating!

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21. That must be one hard cork!

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22. When you have a major wardrobe malfunction on your first day in a new job

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23. The morning when you were running really late for work...

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24. When a coworker doesn't realize that your office has a glass wall

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