24 people who are the spitting image of a celebrity or famous character

Professional lookalikes or cosplay fans will go to almost any length to look like the star or character of their choice.  From spending a fortune on costumes to even going under the surgeon's knife, the sky's the limit for some people.  So they must be pretty envious of ordinary folk who just happen to be natural doppelgangers, particularly as their snaps have taken social networks by storm!

Here are 26 men, women and animals who've become internet hits thanks to their resemblance to a famous person or character! Which one's your favorite and do you have any others that you'd like to add?  Share your comments with us below! 

1. When you climb into a New York taxi only to find Einstein behind the wheel!

© goooooooneyaka/imgur  

2. Beetlejuice snapped in a supermarket

© Makaroooshka/pikabu  

3. When Severus Snape took a break from teaching to work for Muggle Air

© mygoodness82/reddit  

4. Borat decides to go for a more modern look...

© mr_pokoyo420/reddit  

5. Good to see that Sam got himself a steady job with no White Walkers in sight

© Unknown author/imgur  

6. Wondering if he really will try to plant potatoes on Mars

© DiMoS1988/pikabu  

7. An Uber driver who bears an uncanny resemblance to Steve Jobs!

© fathom47/reddit  

8. A real-life Carl from the movie Up!

© Neverbeentooz/reddit  

9. Colonel Sanders decides to try out the competition!

© thejom/reddit  

10. A Chinese version of Russian president Vladimir Putin!

© chinadaily  

11. We never knew Ewan McGregor was part of an Olympic team!

© Kutty/twitter  

12. Just Jack Sparrow strolling around his local neighborhood!

© unknown author/imgur  

13. This guy makes the most of his resemblance to Mark Hamill every time there's a Star Wars event in his area! Fans just love him!

© Dr_Chausable/reddit  

14. Maybe he's thinking about opening another Jurassic Park?

© dick-nipples/reddit  

15. These guys didn't deliberately try to mimic the Twilight cast - they were just hanging out together!

© igivefreetickles/reddit  

16. Brad Pitt meets Elijah Wood!

© JohnnyRedHot/reddit  

17. This lady bought a dress from 'Gary Oldman'

© sleeperkid/reddit  

18. On her way to kill Bill!

© iamrussianeagle/reddit  

19. Oh look... A Minion!

© unknown author/imgur  

20. This time it's George W. Bush meets Barack Obama for a presidential touch!

© aweinschenker/reddit  

21. A canine Patrick Stewart!

© Findthe/reddit  

22. Followed by Shelley Duvall!

© beverlynoelle/reddit  

23. Moving on to cats, meet Krokmou from How To Train Your Dragon!

© unknown author/imgur  

24. Yep, that's Ron Pearlman…

© Hafsteinn/reddit