24 inventions that are set to change our daily lives

A recent study claimed that about half of the things we use today came into existence almost by accident... Post-It notes, Coca-Cola, microwave ovens and Teflon are just a few examples.  But what about things that were born out of necessity in our quest to make our lives a little easier?

Here are 24 genius inventions that are set to change our daily lives...

1. Bike tires that don't need an inner tube

© 9_ar7k / reddit  

2. Slippers with LED lights so you don't need to turn on the lights if you get out of bed during the night

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3. The 'Cuddle' mattress that lets you curl up together without getting pins and needles or an arm going numb!

© Cuddle Mattress / facebook  

4. A fan designed to blow cool air under the sheets

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5. A simple way to prevent light from filtering through closed curtains

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6. A flash drive that shows how much space is left

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7. Get the 'heat' right with this adjustable bottle

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8. A PC webcam that comes with an integrated cover, so you don't need to use bits of paper! 

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9. A button that you press in the corridor so that you reach the elevator just as it arrives

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10. A heated bathroom mirror that prevents steam from building up 

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11. A belt that's also a tape measure!

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12. A door meets ping-pong table!

© Tobias Franzel  

13. Add up the cost of your groceries while you shop!

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14. An umbrella ball to keep you dry on the rainiest of days!

15. A sponge for anyone who loves singing in the shower!

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16. Use less water with a toilet that has an integrated sink.  The cistern is filled by the water used to wash your hands!

© NTD Television / facebook  

17. Easily see the words you need to highlight!

© Sharpie  

18. A big toilet roll with a handy smaller one that you can take anywhere!

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19. A false ceiling in an OR to help calm down patients

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20. We love this pasta-measuring packet!

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21. A pharmacy that has a magnifier so you can easily read product labels and ingredients

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22. A sanitary seat cover to keep you germ-free!

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23. Traffic lights that can be seen from far away

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24. Keep fit with this Roller Buggy!

© Valentin Vodev