24 intelligent inventions designed to make life easier

They may not be life-changing inventions, but they are certainly useful when it comes to making our daily lives run more smoothly. They're also things we may not notice at first, but once we've tried them out, we're hooked on the idea. They are inventions that perfectly complement the product for which they've been designed.

For example, restroom door handles that you don't need to touch or elevator buttons you press with your foot! If that has piqued your interest, then check this selection of intelligent inventions, designed to make our day-to-day lives easier.

1. How to avoid splashes!

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2. Keep your hands clean by pushing these elevator buttons with your foot

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3. We love this coat/bag hanger idea

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4. The library in a university

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5. Always have ready-to-eat avocados

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6. Kiss goodbye to sticky fingers

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7. A urinal where you can also rinse your feet

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8. The restroom doors in this restaurant are opened by your foot

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9. How to stop daylight filtering through your curtains

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10. Test winter clothes before you buy them!

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11. These are becoming increasingly common: charge your phone while you work out

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12. Another hygiene-related design

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13. This one just needs a wave!

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14. A changing room where you can see your outfit in daylight or indoor conditions

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15. Priority seats in a subway train

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16. Because dogs also get thirsty!

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17. This restaurant knows how to put the customer first

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18. Select your floor before you enter this elevator

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19. Walk while you study in this university

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20. A pen that shows you how much ink is left

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21. In Switzerland you'll find wall plugs for three devices

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22. A pill container that also carries water

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23. How to keep kids busy in class

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24. A spoon with a difference!

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