24 ideas that will help to save our planet

Every day we read about how we are destroying the Earth. We see images of turtles, dolphins and whales that have died because of all the plastic that fills our oceans.

What can we do? Should we really wait for governments to deal with this? Do climate agreements actually work? Yes, but it seems to be taking a very long time. Meanwhile our planet is suffering. We all now need to make an effort. Just like the people who came up with following ideas!

1. A bamboo bowl to avoid using plastic plates

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2. This golf course uses biodegradable balls, so once you've finished at the 18th hole, you can feed it to the fish!

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3. A eye-catching way to recycle old doors

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4. Reusable plastic ties

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5. A litter bin that has holes for glass bottles

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6. Information is printed on the skin, so it doesn't need to packaged in plastic

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7. Wooden Lego

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8. Pencils made from recycled newspapers

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9. Straws made from sugar

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10. This dentist uses reusable plastic forms to avoid wasting paper

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11. Old music sheets turned into gift packaging

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12. Refill empty water bottles rather than buying new ones

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13. Paper "bubble wrap"

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14. A beach with signs telling you how long it take for waste to biodegrade

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15. A chop stick recycling bin

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16. In this college there's a pizza box recycling bin

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17. A sidewalk in Sotchi made from recycled plastic

© efcate  

18. Recycle your chewing gum

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Chewing gum takes 30 years to biodegrade in a hot climate and 100 years in a cold one!

19. A National Geographic about pollution, wrapped in paper rather than plastic

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20. A pouch for cigarette butts that you then send off to address shown

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21. A coffee shop that gives away used grains that can be used as compost

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22. A tramway that was repaired using recycled plastic

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23. An alternative to single use plastic or wooden spoons!

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24. This soap has a hole in the middle so you don't waste any of it

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