24 fascinating and rare sights that were caught on camera

Incredible sights are all around us, but whether we manage to see them, let alone get to photograph them is a different matter! From rare physical attributes to natural phenomenon or state of the art technology, you have to agree that we live in an amazing world.

Here are 24 fascinating rare sights that were caught on camera and shared across the internet.  What about you?  Have you any shots that you'd like to share?  Just upload your snaps in the comments section below! 

1. The lady was born with a condition that prevents her from bending her right thumb

© Breapop / reddit  

2. For anyone who wondered how big a grizzly bear's paw can get!

© monkeydeluxe / reddit  

3. US firefighters put out a fire in Mexico without crossing the border

© RaulRaulRaul / reddit  

4. When you test positive for several allergies

© lofty_ginger / reddit  

5. An awesome natural lightshow over Canada!

6. When giant tornados cross Jupiter's surface

7. A mushroom?  A slice of bread? No, just a tree stump!

© iwishmynamewasbrian / reddit  

8. A close up of an eye after a corneal transplant... The fine lines are the stitches!

© Philawesomeraptor / reddit  

9. It may be beyond our budget, but we love this one-person submarine!

© wikimedia  

10. Hands up if you'd like to climb this tree!

© JiveMonkey / reddit  

11. A multi-root tooth!

© ZERODONTO / facebook  

12. When you turn on the faucet only to find that the water's so dirty it looks like something out of a horror movie!

© thecullingsong / reddit  

13. This type of plumage in budgies is often the result of inbreeding

© swabianne / reddit  

14. This guy wanted a receipt at the gas station and this is what the machine printed out!

© LynzM / reddit  

15. Easy to think this is a brain... It's in fact the fruit produced by Osage-Orange trees...

© luckyquinn / reddit  

16. This person left their bike outside overnight during a harsh Chicago winter...

© lukejohnson555 / reddit  

17. A tiny sea urchin found on a Californian beach

© StumbleKitty / reddit  

18. This lady was struck by lightning and although she survived, her skin was left with these astonishing burn marks!

© HumanNutrStudent / reddit  

19. When two rainbows meet!

© dbqpdqbp / reddit  

20. When a new tree sprouts and grows on top of a huge, dead stump!

© llamaloyd / reddit  

21. Believe it or not, this isn't a road, but a frozen lake!

© Saeleth / reddit  

22. A petri dish that proves how quickly cultures can grow when you place it under a hand-dryer for 3 minutes!

© SeriousBA / reddit  

23. This tortoise is in fact from the Discworld video games based on Terry Pratchett's books

© RogenaValorina / imgur  

24. Meet Sonya Leslie, who was born with a beauty spot in her right eye!