24 couples who decided to spice up a fancy dress party with hilarious results!

Who doesn't love a fancy dress party? Choosing a costume can be as fun as the party itself and things can get even crazier when couples decide to put on their best double act!

Here are 24 couples who put their creativity to the test and came up with side-splittingly funny ideas!

1. Because every loofah needs its bar of soap

2. Cruella and her freshly-skinned Dalmatian

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3. Peter Pan finally caught his shadow

4. Just a couple of sloths

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5. Trekking across the Universe...

6. For anyone who doesn't know the story of Batman

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7. A pair of boobs!  In a gigantic bra...

8. We've all been there - battery almost dead and no Wi-Fi signal

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9. One for Pokémon fans

10. Fancy a rum and coke?

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11. Guess who? Hilarious!

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12. Awesome take on the Shining's creepy twins

13. Two people heading Back to the Future

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14. 50 Shades of Grey taken literally

15. Our favorite TV couple and Fun With Flags presenters!

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16. Pixelled Sims!

17. Doctor Who complete with his TARDIS

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18. Barbie and Ken ready to be purchased

19. The American Gothic

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20. Oreos: just as tasty eaten as a whole or taken apart!

21. Homer & Marge. Awesome!

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22. Mario and Luigi

23. The classic dance scene from Pulp Fiction

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24. Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh

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