24 companies that used dubious marketing and sales techniques to sell their products

Commercials, ads, packaging... How many times have you bought a product only to find it isn't anything like the photo or promises made on its packaging? Even worse is when a company sells a product for a higher price so as to dupe us into thinking we're buying a high-end or luxury item.  Whilst these sales and marketing techniques aren't illegal, these companies are still playing us for fools!

Here are 24 examples of dubious marketing and packaging techniques that rely on customers' gullibility when it comes to choosing their product over another one. What about you? Ever been duped?  Share your comments with us below!

1. When the photo leads you to believe there are 5 puff dogs in the packet! 

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2. You have to buy and add fresh fruit if you want this drink to look like the ad!

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3. Despite this being pointed out by numerous people, it's not as dishonest as we may think... The noodles and vegetables absorb the boiling water, meaning they swell up and fill the tub.

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4. When you order the sandwich on the left, but get served the one on the right... Do you complain or just let it slide?

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5. Enough to kill your appetite...

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6. The day you tore out all the ads from a 74-page magazine, leaving only 39 'article' pages behind...

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7. Well, we guess one is better than none!

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8. A treasure hunt meets geology game where you need to smash the rocks in order to find the precious stones...

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9. When half the container is an empty space... An expensive empty space!

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10. Imagine buying this because the folded image gives the impression that it's a big blanket and not one that's kitten-sized!

© stephyski / Reddit  

11. Methinks something's missing...

© kindahealthy / Reddit  

12. We're not sure what it is, but one thing's for certain - it ain't Santa Claus!

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13. They may be dried, but they actually look rotten!

© monk3yboy305 / Reddit  

14. The most useless earring in the world

© Kacke0525 / Reddit  

15. When your 'delicious' tacos turn out to be barf!

© texacer / Reddit  

16. Heavy on the cheese, super-light on the other toppings!

© fulge / Reddit  

17. Sneaky tactics by Hillshire Farm - and we bet this was expensive too!

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18. Seriously?  How did this get past quality control?

© __holmesgeorgia / Twitter  

19. And they had the cheek to call this a hot dog!

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20. No wonder Gru looks so pissed...

© Unknown / Imgur  

21. So much for the chocolate oozing out...

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22. The problem here is they don't tell you how much salmon is in the sandwich!

© Spiritchaser / Picabu   © Spiritchaser / Picabu  

23. Even a sweet-toothed kid wouldn't eat this!

© fuzzypeter / Reddit  

24. Yep, even rock stars sometimes cheat

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