24 celebrities as you've never seen them before

The following A-listers are famous for their undeniable talents. Whether we associate them with the stage, or the big or little screen, we often forget that they have a past, that they're only human and have just as many good or bad days as the rest of us.

Snapping them during their private moments has been the paparazzis and fans' goals since they first burst onto the scene, as people strive to see what their "real" lives are like. Just take a look at the following snaps, which show a more human side of celebrities, whether they're at work or enjoying some down time.

1. Keanu Reeves proving he has a gorgeous smile!

© Shooting Star / Sipa USA / East News   © Shooting Star / Sipa USA / East News  

2. Michael Jackson and his sister La Toya enjoy a pot of tea


3. Peter Dinklage in 1980 when he was at college

© ncu7a / reddit.com  

4. The 1990s Mickey Mouse Club that launched the careers of Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, Ryan Gosling and Britney Spears


5. Elon Musk at 17 years old

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6. Guess which one's Jennifer Lopez

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7. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Moss in 1993

8. Uma Thurman on the set of Pulp Fiction

9. Matthew McConaughey when he was a student

10. Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1960 and later during his body-building days


11. Jared Leto was a model in 1989

12. Gwen Stefani hanging out at home

13. A make-up-free Marylin Monroe

14. Kim Kardashian as a schoolgirl

15. A young Kris Jenner with her first husband Robert Kardashian

16. Dwayne Johnson and his mom, long before he became a star 

17. Katy Perry when she was just 13 years old

18. Rihanna as a baby

19. Sandra Bullock in 1990


20. Prince Harry holds Victoria Beckham's hand in 1997

5. Judi Dench hangs up her Christmas stocking in 1963


21. Amy Winehouse in Paris during the 90s

22. Hugh Jackman wearing a kilt

23. The Beatles go on a bike ride in 1965

© Screen Prod / Photononstop  

24. Nicole Kidman celebrates her divorce from Tom Cruise