23 tips to improve hotel stays

When you arrive in a hotel room, you'll probably want it to feel like a second home; settling in is important if you're to enjoy your stay. Unpacking your luggage, sorting out the bathroom...

Some people are particularly inventive when it comes to adapting their rooms, and, fortunately for us, are happy to share their tips and tricks on social networks!

1. If there isn't a toothbrush holder

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2. If the room's missing a bedside table

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3. Curtains letting the light in? Just use a hanger to close them!

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4. How to store valuables if there isn't a safe

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5. Use a fork to secure cables

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6. So you don't need to keep your finger on the button

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7. Another way to store your toothbrush

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8. No TV? Turn a soda can into a support for your smartphone

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9. Need constant power in a hotel? No need to use your key in the power switch!

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10. Use the coffee maker to heat up meals

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11. Forgot your adapter? Most hotel TV's have a USB port!

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12. How to avoid spillages during transit!

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13. Use shower caps as shoe bags

14. Contact lens cases are great for travel size cleansers and creams

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15. Use the ironing board as an extra table

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16. Use a pill box to carry jewelry

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17. How to heat your takeaway if there's no microwave

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18. Glasses cases are great for organising cables

19. Use a face cloth as a soap dish

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20. Use a mug to make a speaker!

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21. Turn the wash basin into a cooler

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22. Create a temporary office

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23. Attach your car key to your charger - you'll never lose it again!

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