23 pictures taken at just the right moment

How do you transform an average, ordinary photo into a work of art? It all comes down to pressing the button at the right time. Talent isn’t the only thing that decides the quality of an image. Often, just a little bit of luck determines how great a picture is, too.

There are those pictures that never leave the owner's computer. And then there are those that go viral once they hit the web. These pictures fit into the second category, as you will see.

1. A path to the sun!

© lucaspugs / reddit  

2. When a plane pays homage to Christ the Redeemer in Rio…

© rulim.org  

3. This is a great way to pay tribute to these firefighters, the true angels of the world!

© [deleted] / reddit  

4. A beautiful sunrise on the tracks!

5. A bumblebee carrying the sun!

© Mikepants / imgur  

6. Beautiful kitty eyes that almost look like marbles

7. Is it one cat or two?

© westnal / reddit  

8. A flip-flopped centaur?

© Loveinthemud / reddit  

9. “Bye Mom. I’m walking away from this conversation now.”

10. He can walk on water, too!

© zalyalutdinov / pikabu  

11. When nature declares its love for you

12. Surfing under a rainbow!

13. The battle between lightning and a rainbow!

14. She didn’t appreciate the wrath of God and let Him know it!

© GrahamSaysNO / reddit  

15. Timing is everything

16. A surfing duck

© SharkBearz / reddit  

17. When you miss your flight home…

© AcidCow  

18. To infinity and beyond!

19. A hat fashioned out of water!

© zimvi / reddit  

20. You’ll never find another pair of glasses like these!

21. Is this just a vision or a real girl?

© J3NN1F3R / imgur  

22. It's time to put away the sun to make room for the moon…

© Diginixy / reddit  

23. We’d turn right…

© scudbomb / imgur