23 photos that will impress even those who have seen everything

The world is full of magical and gorgeous things. There are landscapes that are more beautiful than anything else on earth. And just when we think we’ve seen everything, we find something even more unbelievable. The next one is even bigger or more beautiful.

People can feel very small when faced with the size and beauty of nature. All you can do is observe it and contemplate it. Below, you will discover strange, but real, photos, which will impress even people who think they’ve seen everything in their life.

1. The cheese on this burger is just perfect.

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2. When you go to a game... just to enjoy the view.

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3. This tree’s roots created a natural pool... where no one dares to venture.

© LightRaie / reddit  

4. “Here’s my new neighbor... he doesn’t say much.”

© wwerkh1 / reddit  

5. An abandoned church that has been overgrown.

© BunyipPouch / reddit  

6. The true definition of “rock-n-roll!”

© OSideSubi / reddit  

7. This dog is the little ducklings’ foster dad!

© ateart / imgur  

8. “I am Carrot-zord, Protector of the Garden.”

© SufficientGlass / reddit  

9. “On second thought, I think I’ll take the bus instead.”

© slyth3r1n / reddit 

10. “I’m going to surprise my master!”

© Quinner13 / reddit  

11. It's a creative thought, but nobody could ever do it...

© Putanista / reddit  

12. Things aren’t always as they seem…

© yaboiweeaboo99 / reddit 

13. Is this paradise?

© OnlyOneKjaer / reddit  

14. The world’s biggest grill…you can’t miss it!

© welder22 / reddit  

15. He must’ve walked through something he shouldn’t have...

© drools / reddit  

16. A love puppy, proven by his markings

© bearbrandbb / reddit  

17. The definition of being human

© unknown / imgur  

18. To get up close and personal with an alligator, you need protection.

© TookMeEonsToMakeThis / reddit  

19. “How’s the view on your side?”

© hootersbutwithcats / reddit 

20. It’s time to get a tan on the bottom half...

© unknown / imgur  

21. The real question is how did they get a pear in the bottle?

© snuthead / reddit  

22. This dog really has class, with aviator glasses and his own little cockpit.

© Foofalo / reddit  

23. Cheers to the guy on the label, cheers!

© menshawy8 / reddit