23 photos of things rarely seen on Earth

The world is big enough that we should never be bored. Just take a look around! Sometimes things might take you by surprise. There are tons of activities to do and landscapes to discover, things to observe and contemplate.

Always be on the lookout for something new. When you do this, you have a richer and more fulfilling life. You might even discover the things below, which are found on our planet, believe it or not.

1. A space shuttle leaving Earth’s atmosphere!

© Kurt Clark / Flickr  

2. You can see the number 8 in white between the diamonds.

© g0dzilllla / Reddit  

3. This is a starfish that looks like a spaceship

© WonkyTelescope / Reddit  

4. Lightning made a hole-in-one here...

© whiskeyspinach / Reddit 

5. Meet the Elasmotherium, a huge unicorn that lived 29,000 years ago!

© u/gDisasters / Reddit  

6. Visit this Virginia forest, filled with the heads of former presidents…

© rightcoastguy / Reddit  

7. Light and shadows create remarkable pictures.

© alexmix / Pikabu  

8. A rainbow across the bedroom door

© Beardgardens / Reddit  

9. The perfect way this pencil broke in half…

© Journey667 / Reddit  

10. A plane emerges from the fog!

© READlbetweenl / Reddit  

11. A fascinating park in Astana (Nur-Sultan), Kazakhstan

© ghatroad / Reddit  

12. This flower is closed, but its shadow looks like it’s open

© huskydaisy / Reddit 

13. A tornado forming above a rainbow

© CountrymanR60 / Reddit  

14. An insect like you've never seen before…a six-spot burnet moth.

© ReformedSauron / Reddit  

15. Blue Morpho butterflies in the Amazon rainforest

© mac_is_crack / Reddit  

16. Apparently the fishing is pretty good…

© pp0787 / Reddit  

17. This cactus that looks like Mr. Krabs from “SpongeBob Squarepants.”

© Hotincleveland / Reddit  

18. Looks like a distorted Earth, but it's paint before being mixed.

© ccaarr123 / Reddit 

19. This tree’s trunk is really strange…

© WizerdBoy / Reddit  

20. Half of my eyelashes are white.

© Inimeitiel- / Reddit  

21. It’s always beautiful when frost forms on a car like this…

© ecarlecloud / Reddit  

22. The colors next to each seat on this plane...

© WhatIsTeleport / Reddit  

23. This piece of wood is doing A-OK!

© smol-milk / Reddit