23 people who put their problem-solving skills to the test

When faced with problem, most of us usually just head to a store and buy whatever gadget or item we need. But there often comes a time when we're miles away from a shop and need to instantly come up with a solution. If, like us, you've found yourself lacking the creativity to solve a problem, then check out these genius solutions!

Here are 23 people who put their problem-solving skills to the test and came up with an idea that's an inspiration to us all!

1. A simple head rest

© Kobeer81 / Reddit

2. How to make sure your kid doesn't forget their lunch bag

© GreenWigz / Reddit

3. When you need to plough some land, but don't have a tractor

© Dimbledorf / Reddit

4. Turn your toilet into a comfy chair

© Shelavie / Imgur

5. Make sure you never sleep through your morning alarm

© AcidCow

6. One for any gamers out there!

© Wolfknots / Imgur

7. Turn yourself into a motor boat!

© AcidCow

8. We love this Easter Island head tissue box!

© SharkRancher / Reddit

9. Why buy a boat when you can just use a table?

© I_Say_I_Say / Reddit

10. The perfect cookie dunker!

© IsThisUsernameReallyRelevant / Imgur

11. Catch up with some TV while relaxing in a bath

© Ebay

12. Never worry about short cables again!

© slashzero / Imgur

13. No corkscrew to hand?  Just use a high-heeled shoe to push down the cork!

© uzbagaivatel / Pikabu

14. De-stress when you're stuck in traffic with a 'bubble wrap' steering wheel cover!

© SamCruise / Reddit

15. Turn an old TV into a practical coffee table!

© bg1987 / Imgur

16. This hair salon knows how to keep its customers satisfied!

© garbagemaster1 / Reddit

17. Turn an old metal filing cabinet into a wood-fired oven!

© insoh2 / Reddit

18. How to heat up two bowls of food in a microwave!

© buzzbuzzbuzzbuzzguys / Imgur

19. 10 out of 10 for this creative solution

© Shishamylov / Reddit

20. Protect yourself from hot fat and cooking smells!

© truthic0n0ne / Imgur

21. How to go hands-free when riding a motorbike

© dogmashah / Reddit

22. Use a basketball to temporarily replace a broken rear light

© GeneReddit123 / Reddit

23. When a musician invites you over for a romantic meal...

© Gordondel / Reddit