23 people who must’ve cheated on getting their engineering degree

Becoming an engineer is not an easy task. The studies are long and hard, but the job makes it all worth it. Above all, engineers are skilled professionals who have certain responsibilities afterwards. But are they all competent?

Some claim to be engineers without having the degree for it. It’s hard to believe they passed any courses in engineering, because their "creations" didn’t quite make the mark. How did they get the job? Nobody knows. At any rate, they should probably try another career. See for yourself...

1. How would you use this?

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2. The water is flowing, so it’s really not THAT bad...

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3. Soon, he'll say it's the wall's fault!

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4. He must have lost his level between the next-to-last and last windows…

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5. Stairs built in anticipation of another level...

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6. This bench should be used by all who pass by

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7. This gate should protect the property completely…

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8. The professional didn’t want to disturb the homeowners, so he got creative.

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9. This is the best place in the hotel, nice and quiet. Now to figure out how to get there…

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10. What do you do once you get to the top?

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11. In an emergency, run, because there’s nothing better to do.

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12. There’s something wrong with this construction...

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13. For those who like to take risks…

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14. It was well thought out, then started out right, and then...

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15. This garage is wide enough, but getting to it can be a little tricky...

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16. Apparently it was designed to accommodate flying cars.

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17. The fire escape was almost lined up right... almost!

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18. An escalator without any movement is just a staircase.

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19. This balcony has a great view, but it’s too bad nobody can get there.

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20. Legend says that trains used to pass by here...

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21. Is it a ramp, or an extreme sport?

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22. One might think that it was done on purpose...

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23. It’s a nice thought, but was a bridge really needed here?

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