23 people who managed to make a dream come true

Are you someone who wants to make their dreams come true?  Do you have a bucket list that you’re determined to accomplish? Or do you tend to give up the moment you come across a hurdle in life?

We all have goals and dreams and some folks will do their all to make them come true.  With time, patience and sheer determination, they slowly, but surely arrive at their goal. So, in honor of everyone who’s managed to fulfill a lifelong dream, here’s a selection of truly inspirational people…

1. "I opened my own little restaurant two years ago and this is the first time I've posed with my sign"

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2. This lady sat and passed an exam just after giving birth

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3. "I'm 44 and I've just bought my first house!"

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4. This guy had severe spinal problems, but had an op and is now pain-free!

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5. "My wife and I were addicts until 2007. We've been clean for 5 years and now have a 3 year-old daughter ! Life is good!"

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6. Two years ago this lady was at a real low due to Crohn's Disease.  She's since got a diploma and now helps others who suffer from this illness.

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7. This guy made a velomobile for his family so they could keep fit and help save the planet!

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8. When your drawing skills go from this to this in just 2 years!

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9. "Grew up poor in a small town family of 10 and I’m a first-gen college student. I’ve made the top 10% of my class, I’m the VP and President-elect of the student body, and I landed an internship with Deloitte Consulting for the summer. All by myself and I’m only a junior. Happy is an understatement!"

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10. When you learn how to sculpt with metals!

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11. Meet Tanner Wilson, a student at Caddo High School. For 2 years he saved up so he could buy his pal an electric wheelchair!

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12. Their first book!

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13. This lady has been sober for 504 days! The cravings, tears, pain and anxiety attacks didn't stop her from reaching her goal!

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14. For six years this lady had severe acne caused by her make-up.  She decided to go make-up-free and has never felt better about herself!

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15. This guy lost a lot of weight after back surgery.  So, he hit the gym and reached his 'muscle milestone'

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16. This guy teaches Jiujitsu and, after moving home years ago, managed to open up his own club where his kids are also members. 

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17. This man and his partner tried and failed to have a baby... After 4 years their dream came true

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18. When you finally have your dream vacation in the Maldives !

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19. This guy was allergic to cats, but managed to go through a desensitization program... Meet Legolas, his feline friend!

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20. "5 months ago, I started preparing for an audition for my dream role by taking voice lessons and prioritizing diet/exercise. Today I found out I didn’t get the role, but I nailed the high notes in my audition and lost 15 pounds."

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21. "I don't have much furniture - no bed or couch... But I finally have a home!"

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22. This person worked really hard for 6 months by dog-sitting and gardening so that they could afford a Gameboy!

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23. I've been sober for a year and you know what? I've had the best year of my life!"

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