23 people who don't worry about what others think

Some people have no shame, while others are simply blessed with a self-confidence that the rest of us envy! For example, it can take a lot of courage to dress how we like, and we're often pressured into hiding our true selves. Ditto for people who have a kooky side and really don't care if people mock them... They're happy and that's what counts!

Society may try to control some people and social networks are full of trolls happy to attack others who don't fit into a certain box, which is why we've put together this ode to all those who are happy with the way they live and behave - often raising a smile in others when they do!

1. It's not only little girls who love Hello Kitty!

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2. Sound asleep!

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3. Just a centaur using the subway

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4. Because he loves a really tidy lawn

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5. Finishing a round of golf should always take priority

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6. Ideal weather for washing your car!

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7. Could you walk barefoot through snow?

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8. Catching up on their homework

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9. Maybe he doesn't like white grass...

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10. Cold beer by a warm fire

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11. Just keep going...

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12. A relaxing ride to work

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13. The best seat on the train

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14. Just going for a quick dip in the sea

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15. So he can see the road ahead

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16. Party dresses!

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17. Because breakfast and a coffee is more important

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18. Each to his own...

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19. We just hope the tide is going out, not coming in!

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20. We guess it was hot summer...

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21. Max speed 5mph

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22. Because texting is more interesting

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23. The art of selling

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