23 people who acted silly

There are people who act silly to get a laugh from others. There are also those who have fun being crazy just for the moment, not caring what anyone else thinks, and then there are those who are this way in everyday life. After all, why should we be so serious all the time?

This is exactly what the following people must’ve been asking themselves. Some of them voluntarily chose to do something wild and crazy. Others, well, they act silly all the time, without even being aware of it. It's part of their nature. So we can’t help but laugh...

1. This rebel really knows how to break the rules.

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2. At this point, might as well take a picture of the Mona Lisa on someone else’s cell phone...

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3. Well, what’s he going to get out of doing that? Maybe burning himself?

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4. At least it looks comfortable...

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5. “Honey, did you clean the roof? No? OK…please see that it gets done.”

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6. Since when is a campfire possible at the bottom of the ocean?

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7. “I told you it was bus parking only!”

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8. You have to be pretty darn stupid to miss the plug...

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9. There is always a solution to every problem.

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10. To develop a sixth sense...  a sixth finger!

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11. That's right, why follow the rules?

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12. A very bad idea if the emergency brake isn’t set!

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13. The impression of a romantic photo... things are not as they seem.

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14. When you want to be the best at a game on your phone…

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15. Why did you open it like that?

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16. Willing to do anything for some water...

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17. How could the car end up like this?

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18. The driver of the procession stopped to buy a magazine…

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19. When you want to make the Department of Transportation mad…

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20. This is a virtual wedding...

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21. A new villain for a superhero?

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22. He brings life to the expression "having a third leg" – and it makes perfect sense!

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23. This must not be very comfortable.