23 people caught having a stroke of bad luck

Some people believe negative thinking attracts bad luck, but we can't believe that all of the following were the result of divine intervention.  It's often a question of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, as these unlucky people quickly found out!

The difference today is that we now have smartphones and social networks, meaning that not only did these guys suffer a stroke of bad luck, but also found that their photo's went viral as people around the world shared (or laughed at!) their misery...

1. When you settle down for a snack and this happens

© All-Seeing_Elon / reddit  

2. When your lunch gets stuck in the vending machine

© ioxenus / reddit  

3. An atomic pizza

© AlyoshaV / reddit  

4. And volcanic caramel

© Skiddle1138 / reddit  

5. We wonder if he did this deliberately!

© eftlooks / imgur  

6. RIP $3,000 TV!

© Theodore Grunewald / twitter  

7. Never, ever store paint in a hot car

© unknown / imgur  

8. A waitress having the day from Hell!

© acidcow  

9. Imagine having to clean this up

© ace_roth / reddit  

10. When you forget to use the hand brake

© KevlarYarmulke / reddit  

11. More space than loaf

© searmid / imgur  

12. The worst cheeseburger in fast food history

© Captainium / reddit  

13. This mom tried, but failed miserably

© duncasterwood / reddit  

14. Near miss?

© acidcow  

15. There's enough rice to last a month

© pandarmour / reddit  

16. Would you dare try to pass this off as the Little Mermaid?

© fern ?/ twitter  

17. A snug fit

© themanimal / reddit  

18. Mmm, a charcoal pizza

© Jack Morlen / twitter  

19. Never store soda cans in the freezer!

© mnfriesen / reddit  

20. Remember what we said about paint and hot cars?

© [deleted] / reddit  

21. Part of it can still be eaten!

© leftlooks / imgur  

22. This is so cruel!

© amypalgreen / imgur  

23. Someone call a dentist!

© unknown / imgur