23 lazy people who put their problem-solving skills to the test

Being lazy is not necessarily a bad thing... It can lead to some people coming up with a range of genius ideas!  Lack of motivation or laziness often encourages our brains to put our imaginations to work, even it takes a few tries to find a solution to the problem in hand!

So, if you like the lazy life, but aren't sure how to do as little as possible just check out these crazy ideas and life hacks!

1. This guy Photoshopped a photo of his tire to avoid going to work!

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2. When you can't be bothered to hold your cell phone

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3. Train your cat to close the curtains!

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4. Improvized baby bottle support

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5. No need to buy a new windscreen wiper!

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6. Great teamwork!

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7. Better than an oven?

8. DIY headset

9. Time to put out the trash...

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10. A moveable toilet!

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11. Why buy a chair when a drawer will do?

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12. Make your own AC unit!

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13. A motorbike fit for a king...

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14. Not sure how well this works!

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15. Keep an eye on your pizza using FaceTime!

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16. How to avoid doing the washing up

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17. One for geeks!

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18. Not just for coffee!

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19. Quench your thirst without moving a muscle

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20. Someone's having a long day

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21. We are so going to try this out!

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22. When you put your kid's toy to good use

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23. Snack and work without making a mess

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