23 fascinating "side by side" comparisons

We all notice how the world changes over time, but we may not realise just how much everyday objects can be transformed. 

The great thing about modern times is we can immortalize such moments. Whether it's down to Mother Nature, evolution or human behavior, it's fascinating to see the difference. A bit like the "side by side" comparisons that these people have snapped and shared.

1. A new vs well-worn basketball

© Is_that_a_challenge / reddit  

2. Pairs of jeans that followed a massive weight loss

© matryoshka14 / pikabu  

3. This brother and sister were given the same teddy bear 18 years ago... Guess which one got the most hugs!

© princeapalia / reddit  

4. A grandma's 50 year-old wooden spoon next to the ones owned by her daughter and granddaughter

© AOD_Matchstick / reddit  

5. A year separates these two photos

© lukeb285 / reddit  

6. Two lemons picked from the same tree

© cl0utchaser / reddit  

7. Wood from a tree felled in 1927 next to a plank cut in 2015!

© Blindwindowmaker / reddit  

8. An old vs new bannister

© reedle123 / reddit  

9. Boots worn for 4 years next to a brand new pair

© Richtig / reddit  

10. The beach at Zlatni Rat in Croatia before and after a storm

© __hrga__ / reddit  

11. When GoT's "The Mountain" stands next to Arnold Schwarzenegger!

© Kogorashi / reddit  

12 A T-Rex foot and an ostrich foot

© Smoke_Me_When_i_Die / reddit  

13. The difference between a normal egg and one with a shell that didn't fully harden 

© HenroKappa / reddit  

14. Some very worn kitchen knives

© wadeboggs127 / reddit  

15. A road in Australia that separates two lakes

© mitch.toft / instagram  

16. For anyone who's never seen a human skeleton next to other primates

© pxhere  

17. Always remember to water your plants!

© namedafternoone / reddit  

18. Work trousers - brand new vs well-used for 6 months

© Graphic-Addiction / reddit  

19. A half albino peacock

© i124nk8 / reddit  

20. The difference between a husband and wife's jeans

© Funkytown1177 / reddit  

21. Last day of the semester vs first day of the semester

© smolgurl93 / reddit  

22. A blend of buildings - including a museum

© jnunomg / reddit