23 extraordinary sights caught on camera

The world's full of weird things, both natural and man-made, but how often do we manage to catch them on camera? Thankfully social networks mean we can share our experiences and the following shots have taken the internet by storm.

Here are 23 extraordinary sights that people have managed to immortalize and share with the rest of us!

1. What came first? The tree or the tire?

© The Clinic  

2. How can this be even possible?

© uberhumor  

3. If you find yourself in Leipzig, don't be surprised if you see planes crossing the freeway just like this A380…

© izismile  

4. Never feel alone with these disturbing bathroom tiles

© Sheogorath3477v2/Pikabu  

5. When aquarium managers have a great sense of humor!

© _Amazingstuff_/twitter  

6. Yes, straight bananas exist!

© overdone/reddit  

7. Ever wondered what a football stadium light looks like?  Now you know!

© 9gag  

8. This homeowner called in a plumber when he discovered a leak.  When they found the pipe in question, they were astonished to see that a sprouting tree stump was the cause!

© KOC9IK/pikabu  

9. What do you think?  Did these neighbors do this deliberately?

© iMe23/imgur  

10. Hilarious!

© awesomeinwentions/imgur  

11. So perfect it would be a shame to touch this pile of tomatoes!

© PM_ME_UR_MUSES/reddit  

12. Oops... Funny, but we just hope someone put this card back in its rightful place!

© _youhadonejob1/twitter  

13. You'd be amazed at the number of people that do!

© Mercucio/pikabu  

14. A hilarious note found on this car's windscreen!

© unknown author/reddit  

15. We love it that so many kindergartens now provide kids with their own entrance!

© turnip_for_what_/reddit  

16. Clothes for fruits...

© Jdargz/reddit  

17. When you leave a plant to grow beside a lamp

© dillmillers/reddit  

18. When clouds look like they've been painted on to the sky

© JaneErrr/reddit  

19. You need 4 screws and open the packet to find this...

© Chaos_Spear/imgur  

20. A shirt that has an integrated cleaning cloth for glasses!

© Samviii/reddit  

21. In South Korea you can buy chocolate bar-shaped ice creams

© fanlife/pikabu  

22. When the neighbor opposite decides to build an extension

© itsnotfakenews/imgur  

23. Sooner or later Mother Nature always takes control...

© Urbangius/reddit