23 everyday objects that have been given a cool new twist

Designs keep evolving, especially in today's world where old ideas are constantly being reworked or improved. These objects may relate to technology, climate, household items, architecture... The list is endless!

Some designers never stop inventing, so much so that we wonder how they manage to keep their creative juices flowing. To give you an idea of the wealth of reworked designs, check out the following photos; how many of these would you like to have or use?

1. Table and chairs in perfect harmony

© IceFang99 /reddit  

2. This person loves all things Japanese, including these "sushi" stools

© elmielmosong / reddit  

3. A practical, novel way to transport your cat

© wifeyhahn / reddit  

4. Safety warning with a great sense of humor

© benretan / reddit  

5. A fun, innovative and pertinent barcode

© swifferhash / reddit  

6. Let the customer decide!

© N-Rico / reddit  

7. Grab hold and keep an eye on the time during your daily commute

© Moronicon / reddit  

8. We love this Fibonacci clock

© chocolat_ice_cream / reddit  

9. Entrance to a reptile house in Fort Worth

© LE_TROLLFACEXD / reddit  

10. Don't let this put you off traveling around Frankfurt!

© cualcrees / reddit  

11. Great napkin idea - tell them what you think or want by choosing the green or red side

© Tuhtu / reddit  

12. One door, two entrances

© Jave85 / reddit  

13. This has to be the lushest hotel in the world!

© the_k_nine_2 / reddit  

14. A small door for when kids need to go the restroom

© dragotiger / reddit  

15. Always know how much memory remains!

© Beltrizi / reddit  

16. This is actually a "water" barrier to stop trucks that are too high from entering this tunnel!

© CodingCoffeeSquirrel / reddit  

7. Floor tiles in a postal museum

© SantaHatBro / reddit  

18. Fancy having a strum on this guitar?

19. When the word "replace" appears, you'll know it's time to buy a new tire!

© lxgo / reddit  

20. A bar code that also tells you the purpose of this product

© skeeterjwilliamson / reddit  

21. This trolley in Sweden has magnetic wheels so you can use it on an escalator!

© pacc3130 / reddit  

22. A bottle in the shape of Mount Fuji

© bobathehut / reddit  

23. A Rubik's cube for anyone who's blind or color blind

© LuckyFaggot / reddit