23 deeply moving moments captured on camera

We all have special memories that will stay with us until the end of our days. Wedding day, birth of a child, saving a life, overcoming an illness or simply the joy of seeing a long-lost friend or family member...

Magical events that are etched in our memories and, if we're lucky, also immortalized and on display! Here's a touching selection of moving moments that have taken social networks by storm.

1. The happiest day of their lives after being separated for months

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2. This guy got a life-saving kidney transplant on New Year's Day - what a great start to the year!

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3. The best present for a sick child

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4. This tiny baby was born 3 month's early as her mom had a uterine infection.  Today she's pulling through nicely!

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5. A young blind man holds a cat for the first time

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6. Four years clean and now he has a career, house, fiancé and a dog!

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7. This dog protected his master from robbers

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8. Last day of chemotherapy after battling stage 4 breast cancer

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9. Walking your kid to school every day without fail

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10. When you find yourself sitting next to the best travel companions ever

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11. "My mom just sold her first sculpture!"

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12. They've been chatting online for 5 years and finally met!

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13. These guys were taking a walk when they saw this - and tried to keep up!

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14. When you meet a red panda at the zoo

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15. "I just rode with the highest rated Uber driver in NYC! Mustapha speaks four languages, studies computer programming at night at community college, has driven over 10,000 people, and has a rating of 4.96. Truly one of the nicest most inspiring people out there."

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16. When your daughter sees snow for the first time

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17. A 98 year-old man uses a computer for the first time in his life!

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18. When your 15 year-old cactus flowers for the first time

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19. "My Dad is blind. He met my dog, Ginny, for the first time this weekend. He hasn’t stopped talking about her since."

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20. This brave lady's just finished 3 months of chemotherapy

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21. "My dad flew fighter jets off of aircraft carriers in the Navy in his youth, was a Colonel in the Air Force, and flew for 25 years with Northwest/Delta Airlines. Just turned 65 years old. Last flight."

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22. A romantic proposal in Chicago

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23. A cold beer on his last day at work before he settles into retirement!

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