23 coincidences caught on camera

Do you believe in coincidences? They're part and parcel of everyday life and come in all shapes and sizes, to the point where we may even think they are part of our destiny. A coincidence can be linked to an object, to a person or an event.

For example, meeting someone who's the spitting image of a celebrity or finding a particular object at a particular time. A simple coincidence or fate? We all have our own opinions! Just check out the following - we'll leave you to draw your own conclusions!

1. This stone broke in half and looks just like the inside of an avocado

© Aietra / Reddit  

2. Is this Cristiano Ronaldo's twin brother or just a fan?

© Dangerpala / Reddit  

3. When your classmate is the spitting image!

© darktibby / Reddit  

5. Check out this bull's markings!

© LemurSwag / Reddit  

6. When you find a mini version of Rome's Colloseum

© 74hotmom / Reddit  

7. A dog's face on a dog's ear

© dogs_community / Reddit  

8. The day he found himself on a packet of chips

© 10KBananas / Reddit  

9. Now they know where the photo was taken

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10. When ice mimics a mountain range

© danishmcmuffin / Reddit  

11. Doppelganger, cartoon-style

© cwinny92 / Reddit  

12. When a spooky snowman forms each winter

© AnnieNother / Reddit  

13. The day he realized he was a reincarnation

© tico481 / Reddit  

14. A spider that wanted to live in its own Eiffel Tower

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15. Which one's pregnant?

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16. When the receipt matches the store's name

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17. Smile, you're on camera!

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18. A door handle manufacturer that also makes rings?

© tecvai / Reddit  

19. Maybe he doesn't realize there's a similarity?

© Phantom_Katana / Reddit  

20. A mailbox to match your home

© Partisode / Reddit  

21. Anyone else think this looks like an angry chicken?

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22. When a truck stops in exactly the right place

© raraparooza / Reddit 

23. A rock that matches a profile

© BoarderGod / Reddit