23 clever inventions set to change the way we live

The internet's awash with photos of design fails, dubious ads or products that fail to meet the mark.  Fortunately there are numerous companies that have and continue to come up with ideas that will truly change the way we live!

In honor of these clever inventions, we've drawn up a list of 23 cool designs and ideas that deserve to take the world by storm!

1. This billboard ad contains 2,000 cheeseburgers that passersby can test for free!

© Campaign/youtube  

2. In Copenhagen you'll find angled trash cans, designed so that cyclists can throw away trash while en route!

© DrChrispeee/reddit  

3. This restaurant lets you choose cups according to your relationship status!

© kuchka70/pikabu  

4. Use pedal power to charge your phone or tablet

© youyouxue/reddit  

5. A clever way to sort out the clothes you've decided to try on!

© reddit/Pumpkinspice90  

6. Another way to recycle... The back pages of this newspaper can be used as wrapping paper

© PlanetGG/reddit  

7. This Copenhagen supermarket has individual dog houses at the entrance where you can leave your pooch while you shop!

© dopreS0891/pikabu  

8. And if you want to shop with your dog, the carts in this supermarket have a special 'dog slot'!

© milano.repubblica  

9. A medication box that keeps track of when you last opened it!

© CptnBo/reddit  

10. Beef jerky that comes with a toothpick!

© val_the_impaler/reddit  

11. This packet of chips has two perforations so you can open it further down and avoid getting sticky fingers!

© tastydolphinbabes69/reddit  

12. At last! A supermarket that organizes bananas according to how ripe they are!

© ssanchez22/reddit  

13. In Japan you can pay for subway tickets with plastic bottles instead of money!

© oceangreatideas  

14. A pharmacy that has magnifying glasses attached to the shelves so you can easily read the product instructions

© dojowit/reddit  

15. Hilarious way to keep the streets cigarette butt-free!

© unknown author/imgur  

16. Customers at this cafe can help themselves to used compost-friendly coffee grains

© dazz9573/reddit  

17. A pizza restaurant that clearly explains the number of portions for each size!

© bradenkw/reddit  

18. Some cafes in Poland provide bowls of water for dogs

© SloznijLogin / pikabu  

'Water for your four-legged friend!'

19. In China you can buy coconuts with a handy soda can-style opener

© hyp_kitsuney/reddit 

20. This restaurant provides single-use toothbrushes, mouthwash and facial fresheners!

© TresidentPrump/reddit  

21. Customer service booths in Russia!

© Suzun/pikabu