23 behind the scene shots from blockbuster movies and TV shows

We're all used to watching movies or TV shows without giving a second thought to what the actors are like in real life.  Some of most badass characters are often played by actors who are adorable once the cameras have stopped rolling, which is why we love browsing through photos that show their true selves!

Here are 23 behind the scenes photos of blockbuster movies and TV shows that prove these celebrities are just as normal as the rest of us! 

1. Nicholas Hoult, who plays the bad guy in Mad Max: Fury Road, loves to knit!

© nicholashoult/instagram  

2. Wonder Woman gets her boots made!

© gal_gadot/instagram  

3. One of the most memorable scenes from Kill Bill

© sirellwoir/imgur  

4. The Avengers take a well-earned lunch break!

© claudiolemos/reddit  

5. The cast relax during the filming of Westworld

© Meh_Turkey_Sandwich/reddit  

6. Johnny Depp being covered in blood for his death scene in Nightmare on Elm Street

© Ksufka/pikabu  

7. Arnold Schwarzenegger during the Killing Gunther shoot

© cbgb/pikabu  

8. Not all scenes are fun to shoot, particularly when it's raining and some actors are late to set!

© Algoren/pikabu  

9. Benedict Cumberbatch while filming Doctor Strange

© kane123cs321/pikabu  

10. Keanu Reeves takes a break between scenes while shooting Siberia in St. Petersburg

© MedeyaLara/pikabu  

11. Balancing on a 'precarious' ledge during filming for Dark Knight!

© krivoshlykovart/pikabu  

12. Another Kill Bill photo

© sirellwoir/imgur  

13. Darth Maul from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace enjoys some Tai Chi during a break

© sirellwoir/imgur  

14. A very fragile and tiny Batmobile

© sirellwoir/imgur  

15. Francis Ford Coppola lurks behind Brando on The Godfather set

© sirellwoir/imgur  

16Even It needs some time to himself!

© sirellwoir/imgur  

17. Michael Myers goofs around!

© sirellwoir/imgur  

18. Freddy gets into the groove on the Nightmare on Elm Street set!

© sirellwoir/imgur  

19. The mini-city that was built for Terminator 2

© DarkLord2015/imgur

20. Attacking It also had its fun moments!

© leechy_mcscreechy/instagram  

21. Wonder Woman borrows her pal Batman's mask!

© ethrael237/reddit

22. A blood-covered Sissy Spacek takes a break while filming Carrie

© Reporter_at_large/reddit  

23. Predator is actually a really cool alien!

© Reporter_at_large/reddit