23 awkward photos that are uncomfortable to look at

The world has plenty of perfectionists and slackers, but in between the two is the fuzzy feeling of not necessarily caring, but still being bothered by a situation or image.  A badly sliced cake, a missing button, a clogged shower head... Nothing life threatening, but enough to niggle most of us!

Here are 24 photos that make us feel uncomfortable, without ruining our day.  Which one winds you up the most and how would you react if you came across one of these situations during the course of your day? Share your comments with us below and let the debates begin!

1. We so want to un-bend his ear!

© chojurou / Reddit  

2. Would you tell him his phone's about to drop or just wait and watch?

© JonteG55 / Reddit  

3. When your dad uses your hairbrush to groom the cat...

© therobmckee / Reddit  

4. Your hands are wet and the last paper towel is jammed...

© marginalerror123 / Reddit  

5. When 4 star hotel staff can't be bothered to descale the shower head

© Epp-1-Stein / Reddit  

6. A boyfriend who hates the way his girlfriend leaves the toothpaste tube

© andyc2012 / Reddit  

7. Imagine skidding your way through this mud!

© scoutnp / Reddit  

8. A very wonky egg!

© chickenwrangler45 / Reddit  

9. Hands up if impossible-to-remove labels also drive you crazy!

© SimulatedIn2K / Reddit  

10. A drawer of jumbled up cutlery...

© markyminkk / Reddit  

11. People should be banned from doing this to butter!

© ????U? / Reddit  

12. Why add numbers if you're not going to put them back in the right order?

© OctopusNips / Reddit  

13. When you open a bottle and this happens

© Avocadosuit / Reddit  

14. And to think this road had just been re-laid...

© sorenanker / Reddit  

15. Your new cooker has arrived and you suddenly see this

© Danieldefault / Reddit  

16. The frustration that is a broken headphone lead

© 8jac0b88 / Reddit  

17. When you ask your 7 year-old to put the bottles away in the fridge

© ablairo / Reddit  

18. Her hair's tickling your knees, but you don't have the nerve to tell her!

© Ejsuuu / Reddit  

19. Who cuts a cake like this?

© Black--Snow / Reddit  

20. When your wife thinks you'll forget your house keys, so she puts them in your lunch box!

© Nagnel / Reddit  

21. Enough to set off our OCD!

© baconstructions / Reddit  

22. Anyone who wears glasses will relate to this!

© ruggedburn / Reddit  

23. Nice idea, but it was only a matter of time before chaos ensued!

© sab340 / Reddit