22 ways the world was reinvented by creative minds

In life, there are famous inventors whose inventions have been marketed and sold on a large scale. And then there are those who create at their own level, just to make their lives a little simpler. Here are some of the latest people to do this. There’s a sleeping genius in all of us. And when it wakes up, some unbelievable things can happen...

Here are 22 inventions you would’ve never thought of without the help of your inner genius.

1. This guy broke his phone’s touch screen, so he plugged in a mouse to make it work!

© Cyprisen / Reddit  

2. Because you’re always disappointed with your stylist, you now know that if you want something done right, you do it yourself.

© uberhumor  

3. This has to be the best position to watch a cartoon on your tablet.

© mlbivins0921/imgur  

4. This big bowling enthusiast was spending a ton of money playing. So, he decided to create his own bowling alley in his backyard.

© Mopwoq / Reddit    

5. He invented the best way to save his seat at a party, a festival, or any other gathering of people.

© Mikefreakinhart / Imgur  

6. This cook is also a motivated genius: with 4 cookbooks and some roasting twine, she created a knife holder.

© mrssupersheen / Reddit  

7. He had a skateboard but wanted a scooter. Fortunately, nature is full of free raw materials!

© jujube8 / Imgur  

8. Speaking of do-it-yourself, here’s a creative idea.

© JennyPretzel / Reddit  

9. “When my cheese doesn’t melt fast enough, I use my hair dryer to help it along.”

© TheFoggyFroggy / Reddit  

10. “My husband made a phone stand with a potato.”

© ashikkins / Reddit  

11. “I love my headphones, so I would never dream of throwing them away. I repaired them with some recycled products.”

© Ikilledmypastaccout / Reddit  

12. On a plane, there really isn’t a bad way to try to get some sleep...

© donmak / Reddit

13. It's much more ergonomic!

© johnsterp / Reddit  

14. Because his vacuum cleaner was getting old, he put a dumbbell on it to improve its suction power.

© gbullet / Reddit  

15. “I needed a cordless drill and my dad lent me his... This isn’t at all what I was expecting.”

© ElectricNed / Reddit  

16. “My landlord didn’t want any dogs in the apartment...”

© zanocharge / Reddit  

17. “My dad went to get me a pair of glasses. He took a picture of me and put the glasses on it before sending it to me for my opinion.”

© Ihatepeyton / Imgur  

18. Here’s a real party genius!

© surriyathebarbarian / Imgur  

19. “I put a level on my drill to make sure I’m at exactly 90° when drilling a hole!”

© ZoidbergNickMedGrp / Reddit  

20. “We just put the screen on the table and changed the position of the camera on FIFA, and we created table soccer.”

© Its_Just_CalD / Twitter  

21. My laptop’s hinge is broken, so I taped a picture frame to hold it open.”

© griffinonthego / Reddit  

22. To help my baby eat without getting distracted...

© ReptarBeatsGodzilla / Imgur