22 vending machines that sell surprising products

We're used to automatic technology... It's everywhere, even in supermarkets, which now have self-service checkouts. Vending machines have also be around for years, meaning we can pull up by the sidewalk and buy a range of food and drinks without waiting in line in a store.

But what you may not know is that in some countries, vending machines sell a lot more than just your average snacks and sodas! Just check out the following unusual vending machines from around the globe...

1. Milk and parmesan cheese - what more could you want?

© TrevorSandler / Imgur 

2. In Singapore you can find award-winning crab dishes

© PinkLemonadezz / Reddit  

3. A pizza vending machine in a university

© Unknown / Reddit  

4. This Croatian pizza vending machine has an integrated oven!

© comptonasskim / Reddit  

5. Because sometimes we need to buy food at any time of day... Or night!

© LeeJWiley / Reddit  

6. Pay for your soda with a hug!

© mbryanne / Reddit  

7. Get free noodles with your Netflix account

8. Farm-fresh produce!

© notanothermarketer / Reddit  

9. Pay $2 and get a "surprise" book

© secondchnace / Reddit  

10. Fresh French bread to start the day!

11. In Germany vending machines also supply alcohol

© willsfc / Imgur  

12. Because everyone loves Lego!

© Coneskater / Reddit  

13. A refreshing option!

© PalNigManBro / Reddit  

14. For anyone who loves coconut!

15. Back in the day, you could buy floppy disks

© BaiteUisge / Reddit  

16. Easier than waiting in line

17. A vending machine for techies!

© lzharsh / Reddit  

18. Never run out of stationery

© firthisaword / Imgur  

19. Guitar strings!

© tasty_rogue / Reddit  

20. This vending machine in Holland sells fresh vegetables and eggs

© rutgersmit / Reddit  

21. Perfect for a big lunch!

© youandmeandrainbows / Imgur