22 unusual signs and posters

According to some signs and instructions, people are the biggest morons... You don’t believe it and think we’re being a little too harsh?

Check out the 22 photos below and see if they prove that man is his own worst enemy and that people are the biggest idiots around...

1. This sign in a break room that explains how the microwave works...

2. Do not eat poop!

3. The stairwell isn’t the right place? Really?!

4. Stop here? Is Hogwarts behind it?!

5. A balcony that is... a balcony!

6. Are there really parents like that?

7. We know not to walk on the grass, but not parking on the grass, now that’s a first! 

8. The up arrow is used to go up and the down arrow to go down (in case you forgot...)

9. In general, when they put up a “prohibited” sign, it's because the thing actually happened... But how is this even possible?!

10. So, we’re going to need an explanation...

11. We have no more words... Someone put up a sign to warn that the sign is sharp!

12. Do not swallow hangers!!!! OMG!!! 

13. Who has ever tried to dive into a toilet?

14. Or even dive in the middle of the street?

15. As a general rule, if you see this, you don’t use the urinal...

16. Thanks for the info!

17. To avoid being eaten by a crocodile, don’t go in the water... Seriously?!

18. This sign says that you shouldn’t drink water from the toilet!!!

19. Well, that makes sense...

20. Would you even try?!

21. In case you might miss it...

22. Needless to say...