22 touching acts of kindness caught on camera

The world is populated by lots of people with good intentions. These people are ready to do anything to help their neighbor, do a kind deed or set out to help a good cause. They don't expect anything in return, not even a simple "thank you".

They are, for want of a better word, living superheroes. These people go that extra mile for causes they believe to be right. So, in honor of all the kind souls out there, here's a touching selection of kind deeds "caught in the act".

1. During a fire, this little boy saw that the firefighters' hose had a hole, so he covered it with a plastic bag and sat on it to stop the leak.

© RaiedAhmedNishat / Reddit  

2. This guy's dad lost his hair during his cancer treatment, so he decided to shave off his locks in solidarity with his dad's plight. 

© jrconerty / Twitter  

3. Rather than throw unconsumed food in the trash, this Indiana school district packages it up as take-home meals for kids.

© ProjectGr0wnup / Imgur  

4. This girl decided to take her plant for a walk as she was worried it wasn't getting enough sun

© queenxbean / Twitter  

5. These cops saved a freezing puppy they found by a river... Guess what name they gave it..

© Daytona Beach Police Department / Facebook  

6. When you discover you have the nicest neighbor in town!

© CNCcamon1 / Reddit  

7. This man fell down the stairs while helping his daughter, who has cerebal palsy. So, he found some ramps and a man offered to install them for free.

© Swan____Ronson / Reddit  

8. When she turned 10, Sophia used all of her birthday money to buy toys and treats for an animal shelter

© shittymorph / Reddit  

9. This guy got a flat tire in a deserted area, but one kind guy stopped to lend him a hand

© pigspinkbehind / Reddit  

10. "I helped an old lady to open a heavy door and she gave me some candy!"

© royally_scrwd / Reddit  

11. A cop playing with a kid as she waits for help after being in a traffic accident

© Daytona Beach Police Department/ Facebook  

12. This girl saved a baby rabbit

© unknown author / Imgur  

13. This guy's neighbor saw that he'd had a really bad day, so bought him some tasty treats to cheer him up

© iamfunball / Reddit  

14. This server spent an evening talking in sign language with a deaf patron - who in turn left him a $100 tip

© foofighter16 / Reddit  

15. These Romanian kids decided to clean up their neighborhood

© tarandfeathers / Reddit  

16. "My sister saves, treats and adopts out abandoned dogs."  She drove for 8 hours in order to fetch this abandoned pooch.

© thehammerisin / Reddit  

17. When an honest person finds your lost iPhone

© FishInferno / Reddit  

18. Someone left this on a bench for a homeless person

© g0g060 / Reddit  

19. This guy decided to act to prevent the disappearance of butterflies and bees

© Stonelocomotief / Reddit  

20. When your motorbike breaks down on a freeway and a kind soul comes to your help

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21. Two friends who turned their van into washing/drying facilities for the homeless

© BlackEyedBroad / Reddit  

22. This boy accidentally ran over a bird with his bike, so he immediately took it to the veternarian's along with all of his pocket money to pay the bill.

© ninopapa / Reddit