22 surprising and strange photos that will leave you feeling puzzled

Weird things surround us, but we're not always able to grab our cell phone to take an Instagram-worthy shot.  It could be someone's whacky dress sense, people behaving bizarrely or animals doing what animals do... Whatever the case, at least is makes us feel a bit more normal!

Here are 22 photos guaranteed to give you a WTF? moment!

1. Lenny Kravitz in his ridiculously big scarf

© mobypicture  

2. "He crashed the bus, but at least I managed to save my sewing machine!" 

© fototelegraf  

3. At a first glance you may think these photos are identical, but it's actually your brain playing tricks on you! People would tell this woman that her face is completely symmetrical so she tested it out by retouching a photo. The photo on the left is retouched and symmetrical, whilst the one on the right is the original shot.

© reddit  

4. Even when they're out of the jungle, tigers love a good bath!

© taringa  

5. A photo taken by a passing driver - why on Earth would he have a shoe in his mouth?

© twitter  

6. When you share your snack with a... bison!

© publinews  

7. This has to be the worst trophy in the history of awards!

© blog.livedoor  

8. When your pet deer moves in and even gets its own bedroom...

© ccnyauction  

9. When an eccentric, elderly couple goes out for their daily 'walk';

© papersera  

10. Just look at that face!  Proof that cats hate showers!

© bibo  

11. Definitely one of the oddest photos we've ever seen

© wehuntedthemammoth  

12. Hilarious!  Darth Vader swaps his light saber for a set of bagpipes and a monocycle!

© webinapage  

13. A really disturbing harem...

© bluelight  

14. When a sloth decides to go to school

© youtube  

15. Just a fox waiting in line at an ATM

© fyeahallthecutestuff  

16. WTF? Plus the dog looks really pissed...

© los40  

17. When a military exercise disturbs your relaxing day at the beach

© otherside  

18. If one thing's for sure, the painting, DJ and toilet don't exactly create the right mood for a party!

© novosti-dny  

19. When you see your favorite 'soft toy' being taken away on a stretcher

© socionics  

20. A subtle way to say you don't like being in photos

© novosti-dny  

21. A banana car - the perfect beach buggy!

22. Sack the stylist! This has to be the worst design in sporting history!

© twitter/ Ultimo_km1