22 situations that we're unlikely see every day of the week

We live in a weird and wonderful world that's full of unbelievable or unpredictable sights and sounds. Sometimes we'll hear about an event that's beyond our imagination. For example, have you ever been to a piano concert where a donkey is happily wandering around? Nope, us neither!

And yet, thanks to social media, people are now able to snap and share the strange things they see as they go about their day. Occurances that are totally weird or even defy logic, and which most of us will never witness in our lifetimes. Here's a selection of some of the kookier things from around the globe that people have shared across the net...

1. What are the chances of this happening?

© Miamime / Reddit  

2. This woman is stronger than she looks!

© czarcasm1115 / Imgur  

3. Not even the slightest hint of surprise

© AtLeastMyInternetConnectionWorks / Imgur  

4. Time to find a ladder...

© TheFrostedForest / Reddit  

5. When a plane flies over a tribe that uses bows and arrows

© SatoriEnlightenment / Imgur  

6. Because fake lawns aren't just for gardens...

© Roosterstein / Reddit  

7. When a dad and daughter break their leg at the same time

© Ruud1983 / Reddit  

8. Apparently romance is dead...

© tayrich90 / Reddit  

9. A little tree growing on a bigger one

© Dogstar23 / Imgur  

10. When your cat joins in with your gymnastic session

© sollysocksify / Reddit  

11. The Eiffel Tower, snapped in panoramic mode

© Lifelapse / Reddit 

12. Maybe they're cosplayers?

© DaIntrawebz / Reddit  

13. Where's the sock for the other foot?

© Tenaciousleg / Reddit  

14. A choo choo bus

© kevin_cg1 / Reddit  

15. When your neighbor decides to liven up your front garden

© raging_monkey_pit / Reddit  

16. A solitary cane...

© Kithit / Reddit  

17. A terrifying balancing act!

© OddlyGruntled / Imgur  

18. Warning: wet stairs

© Yargnad / Imgur  

19. Just a unicorn enjoying a drive

© omegaentity / Imgur  

20. Someone's settled in for the night

© AggressivelyMeows / Imgur  

21. And they were such a gorgeous pair of shoes!

© TurtleBum / Imgur  

22.  We didn't lie when we mentioned the donkey...

© IWantToLiveInUSA / Imgur