22 shots of perfection that will probably never happen again

Does perfection exist? At first glance, no. But that doesn’t prevent a lot of people, maybe even you, from trying to get as close to it as possible. Achieving perfection is your ultimate goal. You work on it every day.

So when something is in perfect order, you probably think perfection is at your fingertips. So, what will you think when you see the photos below? As a fan of perfection, you’ll probably appreciate them...

1. The arrangement of these bubbles looks like a map of Asia and Europe…

© TheShadowDemon247 / reddit  

2. We wouldn’t even want to touch this pasta.

© DynamicTook / reddit  

3. Perfectly smooth pancakes!

© gerardmatthews/reddit  

4. The fact that the dog sits perfectly still in this spot is the best part…

© shotonce / reddit  

5. You ordered identical bottles, here you go!

© peanutsandsquirrels / reddit  

6. The pattern in this cut cabbage…

© sir_smokee / reddit  

7. Eating it would be a pity, so we’ll just look at it in wonder.

© kseniapenkina / reddit  

8. We could watch this forever!

9. Better than Tetris!

© Hivloger/imgur  

10. When perfectionists park together!

© aswinvikram / reddit 

11. When your car’s console was specifically designed for a Snickers bar…

© unknown/imgur  

12. The light and dark sides of the subway!

© HassaanRauf74 / reddit  

13. When you have to make pancake batter, but you don’t want to mess up the eggs…

14. I’ve never seen a bun so round and perfect!

© LazyFurn/reddit 

15. This is what we call parking to perfection!

© zwonch / reddit  

16. When the thin top layer stays attached to the yogurt...

© deleted/reddit  

17. Camouflaged flip flops!

© T-Wrox/reddit  

18. The mere mention of Harry Potter is perfect!

© relaxasaurus_maximus / reddit 

19. Nearly perfect handwriting!

© damn_jexy / reddit  

20. When they chose their apartment, they thought of everything!

© Hajlen / reddit  

21. Simple raindrops on a car...

© jackaaaal / reddit 

22. The layers of this coffee are just perfect…

© BlackEyedBroad / reddit