22 pictures that will need a second look to understand

There are some pictures that we understand when we first see them. And then there are others, which take a while to understand. These photos play with our mind. They don't do it on purpose. However, the way the angle the photographer used to take them might make us think something is there that isn’t.

The optical effect plays its role beautifully. So our eyes have to get used to what they see. Check out the photos below. You might need to blink a few times to understand what’s really going on!

1. Paper or plastic? Or is it a cat?

© ketiqber / reddit  

2. The way these chairs are stacked is mesmerizing.

© BeautifulLoser_ / twitter  

3. Girl power!

© IJustLikeRecords/ imgur  

4. His arm is as long as a leg!

© PowerTrip29 / reddit  

5. A real 2-headed cat?

© muffinshappyplace / reddit  

6. There are a few too many legs in this picture.

© IJustLikeRecords/ imgur 

7. “You ready to go, sir?”

© srgone / pikabu  

8. Ha! Check out her right leg…

© your_mind_aches / reddit  

9. This dog only has a head and no body?

10. Breaking news! The Louvre is being attacked by a giant!

© code1058 / reddit  

11. Imagine being out for a stroll and seeing this…

© PunchyMcSkeletor / reddit  

12. This has to be the longest aluminum can in the world…

© discardedsock / reddit  

13. He has very feminine legs...

© chongdog / reddit  

14. Is this a real airport or an IT project?

© tannerdixon5 / reddit  

15. Remember some body parts grow at different rates…

© Rambonics / reddit  

16. I knew Tibetan Mastiffs were big, but this is ridiculous!

© cubbage / reddit 

17. When your belly smells something tasty…

© TwoDollarBanana / reddit 

18. A bird bigger than a hot air balloon…

© ElephantErik / reddit 

19. Ummm…which way does this picture go?

© wjmiii / reddit  

20. And which way is this lady standing?

© WillyShlonka / reddit  

21. Invisible legs

© lafarmacia / reddit  

22. His right arm is a little too small to be real.

© Gabesdefig / reddit