22 pictures that are oddly satisfying

At home, perfection is a given that can bring a sense of satisfaction. Things stored and arranged in order can relax you. They can have a destressing effect. Seeing an object out of place can irritate you a lot and get under your skin.

After a day of work, sometimes there’s nothing better than coming home to a clean, perfect, and orderly house. If this sounds like you, then you’ll enjoy the pictures below. Truly spectacular pictures.

1. This bundle of pencils at a library…

© dwimback / Reddit  

2. It is not recommended that you put your fingers on these glasses.

© MadBro / Joyreactor  

3. There is no more perfect beach than Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro

© Amazon.com  

4. This market is serious about its produce displays...

© Imgur  

5. Cooking ravioli has never been more satisfying.

© lagori / Reddit  

6. Welcome to the Google Data Center in Douglas County, Georgia.

© Google  

7. A patio chair for a true perfectionist

© Tomas Vacek  

8. The order makes it easier to choose...or not!

9. Mowing on this football field just went to a new level

© jazznwhiskey / Reddit  

10. No one wants to mess up this cream…

© iLikeLameStuff / Reddit  

11. It's awesome when the peel comes off like this...

© the_scriptic / Reddit  

12. These cables are very satisfying!

© vladrichdemaclant / Imgur  

13. The world’s most perfect onion

© SuperMR / Imgur  

14. When to tell your dog not to move…

© risk-is-write / Reddit  

15. Is it ink? It's so beautiful...

© Alberto Seveso 

16. All these perfectly parked trucks form a beautiful pattern.

© Chinstep_Chinstrap / reddit 

17. One might think that the wafer was designed based on the diameter of the cup.

© Rilokileyrocks / Reddit  

18. The color gradient in this cappuccino is perfect!

© BlackEyedBroad / Reddit  

19. When you can play Tetris with your car…

© QuaggaSwagger / Reddit  

20. Nature really has no limit.

© Reddit  

21. This looks too perfect to touch.

© Imgur  

22. Tearing open a package like this is the best feeling ever!

© Imgur