22 photos where everyday situations accidentally created a work of art!

Life is full of surprises and sometimes even the most mundane of everyday occurences can lead to something truly awesome!

Mother Nature's an expert at showing off how beautiful our world is and often in the most unexpected places!  So if you're someone who loves to see beauty all around them, then check out this stunning selection of photos, where everyday situations created marvelous works of art!

1. When you accidentally spill a drop of black paint and it creates this silhouette

© tommysutro/imgur  

2. A tree within a tree

© unknown/imgur  

3. "I fell asleep in the bath!"

© neeto85/reddit  

4. A frozen wooden floor!

© unknown/reddit  

5. A fence after a night of heavy snowfall

© osamainpk/imgur  

6. Sunlight shining through stained glass

© unknown/imgur  

7. Split wood forming a city skyline

© unknown/imgur  

8. An erupting volcano on a paint pot lid

© unknown/imgur  

9. When mud on a car window forms an Impressionist masterpiece

© buzzy5/reddit  

10. The magic of Christmas

11. Could there be a marriage proposal on its way?

© CiaranM87/reddit  

12. Tree bark that looks like a painting

© Proteon/imgur  

13. A wolf drawn by the cold

© iMoosker/imgur  

14. How to transform a rusty van!

© _cranch/reddit  

15. A leaky pen...

© BrucePee/reddit  

16. Tapestry reflecting off coffee!

© deathbypolkadots/reddit  

17. When chipped nail polish looks like an old fisherman

© carrse/imgur  

18. Have you ever looked inside a bottle of freshly-opened shampoo?

© ScrippyTrips/reddit  

19. When your car's scuffed, but leaves behind a portrait

© Lster28/imgur  

20. It looks like they're rowing through oil paint

© Yeeeeeeehaww/reddit  

21. Liven up a coffee stain!

© VoodooMamaJuuJuu/imgur  

22. Another spilt coffee!

© wolds-worst-lurker/reddit