22 photos that use reflections to produce amazing shots

Taking an awesome photo is not as easy as we think! You need the right angle, to press the shutter at the right moment, get the lighting sorted and, sometimes, deal with hostile environments. These are just some of the defining factors when it comes to making the difference between amateur and pro shots.

But having the right equipment is not everything. The latest gadgets are worthless if the person behind the lens doesn't have a creative mind capable of capturing original sights, comical scenes, touching moments... Just check out the following selection, where the use of reflection has creating jaw-dropping effects!

1. The tunnel that lies ahead

© zZzZzZz7zZ / reddit  

2. We love the dress!

© ninja_cats / reddit  

3. When a mysterious planet appears in the sky

© Baconlessness / reddit  

4. One blurry facade

© DBaLA / reddit  

5. A city protected by a wine glass

© loki010 / imgur  

6. A very strange fish

© unknown / reddit  

7. When a car springs to life

© SWTWFTW / reddit  

8. When a ghost peers over your shoulder

© StirlingSauce / reddit  

9. Because glasses can see

© Itz_AJ_Playz / reddit  

10. When fallen leaves create a new tree

© GallowBoob / reddit  

11. Just like Beauty and the Beast...

© Pinyaka / reddit  

12. Which do you prefer - black or red?

© unknown / reddit  

13. Awesome ceiling shot

© deathbypolkadots / reddit  

14. Don't worry, this is just the reflecting sunset!

© acmedoge / reddit  

15. The reflexion of a lightshade on an iPhone

© fredecup / reddit  

16. A dog with a giant aura!

© ladyname / reddit  

17. Almost like having stars in your eyes

© OnTheLevelProduction / reddit  

18. Have you ever kissed a shark?

© RagsyBoy / reddit  

19. Which one's the right way up?

© lazaro_rodriguez / reddit  

20. Half-woman, half-ape

© iamrv / reddit  

21. Another fiery optical illusion

© cabinhacker25 / reddit  

22. Spiderman would be jealous!

© Christiaan Triebert / flickr