22 photos that show the strange behavior of some people

Sometimes we witness funny things. They seem impossible and unthinkable, yet they happen right before our eyes. These silly moments come from various sources. It may be something as simple as a fake electrical outlet to a bag of chips someone opened and started eating in the supermarket.

1. Apparently someone got hungry in the chip aisle.

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2. When you rent a new game and get a paper disc instead.

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3. When you fall for a clever trick…

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4. Hoping that this is just an illusion

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5. This is how my roommate uses paper towels.

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6. Am I lucky…or not?

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7. Crazy shoppers

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8. He left his ice cream in the freezer at work and someone sampled it (with a fork!).

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9. Now would be a good time to explain the meaning of the arrows to her.

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10. Making the police think that you’re wearing your seat belt. Paying money to be unsafe - what a dumb idea!

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11. So these are dogs, alrighty then...

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12. When you order a pepperoni ??pizza…

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13. This is going to be a fun trip…

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14. My roommate ate all the peanut butter cups off the tops of the cupcakes.

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15. Someone apparently doesn’t know how to use a bike rack.

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16. I don’t think that’s what they mean when they say “Make yourself at home.”

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17. How my wife eats pizza!

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18. Or how to take up three spaces with one car…

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19. And just like that, security is more important than the plot.

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20. When you order hot sauce and they don’t package and secure it properly.

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21. There’s something wrong here.

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22. This is how my roommate opens a carton of milk…

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