22 photos that show the reality of living with a roommate

It's time to leave home... You're no longer a minor and have decided you need some independence. Welcome to the world of roommates!

It helps to keep rent costs down, but it’s not always plain-sailing. It may be easier if you share a place with friends, but that doesn't mean you won't have different lifestyles or habits! It's the same as living in a couple - compromises need to be made. Except that there may come a time when you realize your domestic life has turned into a total nightmare. Just check out the following roommates from Hell...

1. She moved in 3 months ago...

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2. Because he likes to keep his old toothbrushes

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3. This can be a real deal-breaker

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4. You get home from a vacation to find the Halloween pumpkin rotting on the sill

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5. The day you decided to investigate the nasty smell coming from your roommate's bedroom

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6. When your roommate bought vegetables that they never ate

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7. Now they know why their roommate complains about constant backache

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8. And you asked them not to scrape your new non-stick pans

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9. When it was their turn to take out the trash

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10.  Ugh... There's always someone who doesn't rinse out the bath

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11. Minimalist lifestyle

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12. Is it really too much to ask?

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13. Sending out a clear message

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14. Another "trashy" tale

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15. This chicken has been marinating for 2 days!

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16. When you get home, go to your room and find this

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17. She told him to stop doing the washing up all the time... The result!

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18. Never put a linen basket next to the litter tray

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19. Their roommate made pancakes in this...

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20. A roommate that leaves leftover food all around the house

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21. When your roommate leaves a pineapple on their carpet for several days

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22. They put a plastic chopping board in the oven...

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