22 photos that show Mother Nature has plenty of tricks up her sleeve

Nature is untouchable. It can withstand anything, although people try to harm or affect it in some way, like making a few thousand acres disappear. But it always reacts in different ways, sometimes where we least expect it.

Even the best experts can’t predict what they might one day discover. Here are a few examples below.

1. Have you ever seen a tree with a nose?

© HockeyCannon / Reddit  

2. When your dog's paw has another paw on it…

© uwuuwu / Reddit  

3. This insect has a duck head on its back!

© MrSchh / Reddit  

4. A dragon-shaped trunk that appears to kiss anyone who may be passing below…

© greatcanine / Imgur  

5. Have you ever found a pebble this perfect?

© retroly / Reddit  

6. This fallen tree sprouted 4 other trees!

© expatriate77 / Reddit  

7. When a sunflower grows through the gutter to get closer to the sun…

© Toothrag / Reddit  

8. When the sky smiles at you...

© lassewww / Tumblr  

9. This has to be the happiest caterpillar in the world!

© Unknown / Imgur  

10. When a flower gives birth...

11. Do you see the number 6 too?

© unknown / Imgur  

12. Did this spider invent the zipper?

© mizkovi / Reddit  

13. There is a set of owl’s eyes on this moth’s back!

© Randy_Jackson5 / Reddit  

14. A gecko with a trident-shaped tail!

© Osshhhh / Reddit  

15. This brick was adopted by nature and shaped by the waves!

© bryantreacts / Reddit  

16. When a tree decides to spread its roots and take over…

© worldbeyondyourown / Reddit  

17. A fallen tree divides the swamp perfectly!

© TheTobyrobot / Reddit  

18. Now that’s a big snail!

19. Did you ever think clouds could form a square?

© ZormLeahcim / Reddit  

© ZormLeahcim / Reddit  

20. When you’re a perfectionist farmer!

© sivribiber / Reddit  

21. At one time, they were rolls of straw, now they’re rolls of snow!

© wee-dancer / Reddit  

22. This stone is still dry – for now!

© moniso / Reddit