22 photos that show a softer side to humanity

As Edith Wharton once said, There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. A quote that perfectly sums up humanity. So which one are you? Do you light up people's lives or do you reflect the good things in life by showing them that there's no reason to be afraid?

Whatever your opinion, we're all capable of restoring someone's confidence and easing the suffering of others. This quote shows us that empathy really is a miracle-worker! So, in honor of all the 'living angels' out there, here are 22 photos that show the softer side to humanity.

1. Superhero window cleaners at a children's hospital

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2. When a starving child is happy to give you a lollipop

3. A police officer helping a homeless woman

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4. Definition of a 'true gentleman'

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5. An elderly man had a heart attack while clearing his drive. After taking him to ER, the first responders returned and finished the job

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6. Help yourself...

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7. This New York hairdresser offers free haircuts to the homeless every Sunday

8. We love these swings for wheelchair-dependent kids!

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9. At age 3, Jake was abandoned in a house on fire... today, he works with firefighters

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10. A firefighter giving oxygen to a tiny kitten

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11. This Syrian refugee distributes food to the homeless in Germany as a way to thank the country that took him in

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12. This 20 year old man designed a laundromat for the homeless

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13. This university professor volunteered to supervise the children of one of his students, after a babysitter cancelled just before one of his final exams.

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14. This young volunteer musician plays music to sick people

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15. Christopher was so overwhelmed when he met his favorite band that he had a panic attack. So, they all laid down beside him until he felt better

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16. This brought tears to our eyes...

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17. A mother was rushed to ER, so the first responders prepared dinner for her 5 kids and washed up afterwards

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18. A handcuff in order to save her if she falls...

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21. This boy was upset because he couldn't keep up. So an opponent waited for him and helped him over the line first!

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22. An Australian man saves a kangaroo from a flood

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