22 photos that require a second look

“I don’t believe my eyes!” Surely, you’ve said this expression at least once in your life. People use it regularly for many situations, when things appear differently from what they actually are.

The bottom line is that you see something in front of your eyes that you never thought you would ever see. A surprise, an event, a strange scene, or a posture… Have a look for yourself.

1. It looks like 3 ghosts waiting for the bus.

© drawkward- / reddit  

2. The things you find when cleaning out the bathroom. This jar isn’t full of seashells. It’s pasta and it hadn’t been opened for 15 years!

© saidiecat / reddit

3. Yum, caviar! Actually no, these are hydrogel balls...

© alexbaugh666 / reddit  

4. It looks like the hyena is shaking this child's hand!

© ihavenotattoos / reddit  

5. Try to figure out this image... It's hard to see whose legs these are.

© jgpirie / reddit  

6. Is this a mirror or a window? The hands actually belong to the guy in the white shirt.

© adija1 / reddit 

7. There are a few too many escalators in this store, or the mirrors are playing tricks on us.

© Fischifischfisch / reddit  

8. “This was my dog’s fur after he got shaved.”

© lostinthelandofoz / reddit  

9. An unplanned date, made possible with a mirror!

© Griffsterometer / reddit  

10. When your friend ruins everything!

© peanutbutterblam / reddit  

11. These are spots on a towel that look like painted squirrels.

© Allanah_Mullen / twitter 

12. Is the head attached to the rest of the body?

© h0ntor / reddit  

13. Are we in a forest or is it photo wallpaper?

© Gypsy-Horror / reddit 

14. This magazine is perfectly placed.

© MrChlenos / pikabu  

15. No, these aren’t pumpkins. They’re actually rolls!

© WorestFittaker / reddit  

16. A cloud shaped like a feather

© mrashtail / reddit  

17. Help, a crocodile!!! Or maybe just piece of wood...

© ChompyTM / imgur  

18. The leaves weren’t painted to match the house. It’s their natural color!

© hen32 / reddit  

19. A camera effect makes the drumsticks look bent.

© oct8vius / reddit  

20. Is it a picture in a frame? No, it’s actually a TV!

© SeanV2oh / reddit  

21. The difference in lighting between the rooms of a brother and a sister at the same time of day!

© an-angry-bee / reddit  

22. They’re mop heads, but don’t they look like ground beef?

© lewisisgud / reddit