22 photos proving that the summer heat can be dreadful

It's summer. And when we talk about summer, we’re talking about heat in particular. Everyone suffers in their own way. And everyone’s solutions are unique. You can cool off with a hose, or even spend time in front of an open refrigerator door.

Some people may prefer basements or cellars, places without any light, making them a little cooler. Others try to come up with ideas for the best way to spend the summertime, which is also the time for vacations. It can also be like hell for those stuck at the office or at home. See the proof in the pictures below!

1. These tires couldn’t take the heat!

© Victor0sem / pikabu  

2. This dog is apparently having a blast!

© RustyGutsy / reddit  

3. With his head in a bucket of ice, we can’t blame him!

© specr7 / imgur  

4. When you’re prepared for a heat wave!

© Nervoz / pikabu  

5. Finding your place in the shade…

© dodo314 / pikabu  

6. There’s nothing like a puddle in the summer.

© Enfantterrrible / pikabu  

7. Ad lib air conditioning

© atominfo / pikabu  

8. Found a jacuzzi in the park

© Peynal / reddit  

9. An umbrella can also be used as shade from the sun!

© Topsabd / imgur 

10. It's so hot that the sign melted!

© makalo410 / reddit  

11. That will make surfing a little bit harder.

© Irishsurfer93 / reddit  

12. “Help, I'm so hot that I'm looking for the coolest spot in the house.”

© combeferret / reddit  

13. “Ohhh yeah, give me some water, I want water!”

© Worgenbully / imgur  

14. Flip flops with covers on the tips to protect your toes!

© GenY_vs_Millennial / reddit  

15. Find any spot you can to hide from the sun!

© Brimshack / imgur  

16. Normally there's a fountain here!

© CathyR / imgur  

17. Use your imagination!

© ZhuliQC / imgur  

18. Even electric signs can’t handle any more!

© lehastrah / pikabu  

19. Can you say lifeless? Yeah, that's the word!

© arthik / pikabu   © shinjik / pikabu 

20. He’d do anything for a cold beer.

© PepperSprayP / reddit  

21. These puppies found heaven in the fridge!

© OctopussSevenTwo / imgur 

22. Careful, it's going to be slippery!

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