22 photos that prove humor rules the world!

Life can sometimes really suck, so trying to inject a bit of humor is essential if we're to overcome hurdles. Whether we're talking about our family, work or friends, having a good laugh helps us to form close bonds, keeps us together and is the best way to combat the blues.

Here are 22 photos that prove humor rules the world - if it didn't where would mankind be now?

1. "My wife, step-daughter and mother in law, all photographed from behind.  Can you tell which one's which?"

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2. "I managed to convince my nephews that this was a field of marshmallows!"

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3. "Here's the birthday present my mother in law gave me..."

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4. "My wife's just been accepted in to the police force, so her sister decided to send her tons of donuts!"

© Mr_Dislexyc / reddit  

5. "My mother in law thought I'd love this present, but I think I've got a better sense of humor than her! Here's me calling her out!"

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6. "My aunt turned up wearing this for a fancy dress family dinner!"

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7. "Who said selfies aren't allowed whilst your sister's in labor?"

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8. "My son meeting his uncle for the first time..."

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9. "My grandmother's 84 years old.  When we organized a family meal, she wasn't happy about wearing her nightie in front of everyone, so I decided to support her by wearing one too - and I must say it's really comfy!"

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10. "Here's the amazing present I gave to my nephews and nieces this year... Strangely, they don't look too happy...!

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11. "My dad's just told another one of his jokes and I decided to immortalize my family's reaction…"

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12. "My uncle's just won first prize in a fancy dress competition.  He has to be the worst Ursula that I've ever seen!"

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13. "My grandad pranked me when I went fishing with him!"

© Kurtle_The_Turtle / reddit  

14. "I customized a beach towel for my nephew' - I hope he likes it!" 

© kvnklly / reddit  

15. "I sent a text to my girlfriend asking her to send me a photo of her in her underwear and this is what I received..."

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16. "My parents told my brother that he once had another brother who turned into a mushroom because he refused to take showers.  And to make it more believable, they put a photo of a mushroom in the family album!"

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17. "My dad's an obstetrician. He had to work on Christmas Day so decided to dress up for the occasion!" 

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18. "My little cousin broke a plate and thought my aunt wouldn't notice if he repaired it..."

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19. This little American girl asked for 'Frozen' presents and this is what she got..."

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20. "My mom sent me this photo!  But don't worry - she broke the knife whilst she was preparing a meal!"

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21. "My aunt and uncle hung these family photos above the toilet!"

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22. "After having seen Tron, my daughter was scared she'd be sucked into her computer. It gave me an idea… This is what she found on the screens the next day!"

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