22 photos from the past that show how weird people used to be

We are sometimes nostalgic for a time that didn’t move quite as fast. Or at least a time that advanced at its own pace. Back when information was not as abundant, when we weren’t being pulled in all directions with so many things to do. In short, at a time not so long ago, but what seems like forever ago.

Above all, great strides were made in many areas in the past. Back then, there were also other ways to have fun and enjoy life. Going out had a different taste. Games were also different. Here are several reasons to invent a time machine ... and go back!

1. A diving suit weighing 450 pounds in 1911

© cliff williams / flickr  

2. What about airline safety in the 1960s? It was a little less strict than today.

© matthewpoyiadgi  

3. In this class in California, the teacher was teaching about the physics of surfing!

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4. Cult films that defined generations, such as The Creature from the Black Lagoon, 1954

© thelastdrivein  

5. Ladies of a certain social class on an amusement park ride

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6. Long before Photoshop was around, a photographer named Angus McBean created surrealist photos.

© houghtonlib / tumblr 

7. “Back in my day, people used to talk to each other!” Right, grandpa.

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8. Trolley drivers had to fix problems themselves in 1975

© Prostoilogin / pikabu  

9. Back when you could see Marilyn Monroe in a kitchen…

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10. In some countries in the past, it was common for beds to be in a special closet. This maintained warmth in cold climates.

© wikipedia  

11. A parade of computers in East Germany, 1987

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12. Some people lived dangerously in California in the 80s…

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13. The worried look on this lady’s face when offered a toothbrush... with real teeth!

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14. A silly hat, complete with a clothesline, from the 1950s

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15. A monocycle in Los Angeles in 1938

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16. A fairly unique sport with cars and a huge ball in Canada!

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17. In 1922 during Prohibition in Chicago, this woman demonstrates that it’s possible to hide alcohol inside her cane.

© wikimedia  

18. In 1937 in Budapest, a woman wears a mask to battle depression.

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19. At the beginning of the 20th century, this is what women’s sports clothing looked like... nothing like today’s more comfortable outfits!

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20. Unveiling one of the first limousines in France, 1910

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21. An experimental way to treat ADD in 1925

© HistoryInPics / twitter  

22. A policeman judging an ankle contest in 1930 in London!

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