22 people who took things a little too far

We don't really know how far people will go when they’re crazy. We also don't know what it’s like to not be able to control ourselves or to do things that no one understands. We don’t know, because we aren’t in those situations.

But these people do. The people below have definitely lost it at some point, without anyone knowing why or how. All we can do is say nothing when we see these things, which you have to admit are a bit funny.

1. Ok, so some people are really in their own little world.

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2. How does someone even want a hairstyle like this?

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3. Watch out - he will defy the laws of gravity and try to go to Mars!

4. When you come home at night and tell your wife that you feel good after riding your bike…

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5. We can only advise him to just go home now...

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6. How many points is this basket worth?

7. When you don’t have a drink and toast with ketchup...

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8. Don’t go too fast, or the tree will lose all its leaves.

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9. When the teacher says to get out of her sight…

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10. Mission: don't fall!

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11. The gentleman at the bottom seems a little disillusioned... and so are we.

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12. The best Marge costume out there

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13. When you stretch after a good night's sleep

14. When you want to beat the system!

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15. If you get hungry, you always have some treats.

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16. Did he think about it before attempting this?

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17. Maybe hiring professionals would’ve been a better idea?

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18. Well, as long as it fits, that is what’s most important.

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19. Some people use limos, and then there are others...

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20. I never knew this was even possible.

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21. Umm why?

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22. Meet Pancake Man!

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